Motivation video …

Motivation video on TED

List compiled by Jono 1 – 2 – …

List compiled by Jono

1 –

2 – a good compalation of documentaries on a variety of topics

3 – these guys have done loads of conferences on everything from consciousness and dreaming to religion, society, the enlightenment etc, all with a scientific focus

4 – uctv is one of a numbre of great you tube university channels, the first video on there recent list when i went to look was called spirituality and combat trauma, i might watch it soon

the dalai lama, i just noticed seems to have made an apearence on uctv.

5 – If i want to follow a longer, systematic lecture course on a particular topic one of the best places to look is this database as it compiles a few major uiversities

6 –