The Presence That I Am Thoughts and words…

The Presence That I Am

Thoughts and words belong to the world of form; they cannot express the formless. So when you say, “I can feel my inner body” that is a misperception created by thought.

What is really happening is that the consciousness that appears as the body — the consciousness that I Am — is becoming conscious of itself.

When I no longer confuse who I am with a temporary form of me, then the dimension of the limitless and the eternal – God — can express itself through “me” and guide “me.” It also frees me from dependency on form.

However, a purely intellectual recognition or belief that “I am not this form” does not help. The all-important question is: At this moment, can I sense the presence of inner space, which really means, can I sense my own Presence, or rather, the Presence that I Am?

~ From: A New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle