MINDFULNESS for children – Susan Kaiser Greenland video

In teaching children mindfulness Susan Kaiser Greenland means by ABC – Attention, Balance and Compassion.

Mindfulness is taught via the Inner Kids program that teaches children eight strategies or life skills.

The first three strategies develop;

Attention (Stopping, Quieting, Focusing), the next two develop;

Balance (Choosing, Seeing) and the last three develop

Compassion (Reframing, Caring and Connecting).

Founder of the Inner Kids program, Susan Kaiser Greenland adapted adult meditation practices for kids, seeing a marked improvement in their capacity to focus, calm themselves, and manage stress. She is also the author of The Mindful Child.

Susan shares her insights on how children can learn practical skills to live more balanced, joyful lives. Her approach for teaching mindfulness to kids involves research-based techniques and playful activities.

SEE http://www.susankaisergreenland.com/