A six-element model of being human cf Ken Wilber

A triadic structure, similar to my 3Cs, is pointed out by Ken Wilber (2000 p.5)

He relates perennial philosophy to the Great Chain of Being:

“The perennial core of the wisdom traditions is…the Great Chain of Being and the correlative belief in epistemological pluralism. As Huston Smith summarizes this view, “Reality is graded and with it cognition.”…there are levels of knowing and being.

If we picture the Great Chain as composed of four levels (body, mind, soul and spirit), there are four correlative modes of knowing (sensory, mental, archetypal and mystical) which I usually shorten to the three eyes of knowing; the eye of flesh (empiricism), the eye of mind (rationalism) and the eye of contemplation (mysticism).”

In my SunWALK model instead of KW’s quadratic model/s I have used the three eyes of knowing ‘the eye of flesh (empiricism), the eye of mind (rationalism) and the eye of contemplation (mysticism)’ to link with a triadic model that sees the three voices, as Ken says the I, WE and IT voices, as the ‘internal’ dimensions of what it is to be human PLUS three more external co-equivalents that correspond to the Arts, Humanities & Sciences.

The link is that the three ‘eyes’, senses, intellect and spirit, can, be applied, at will, to any and all of the six elements of the model.

The paradigm shift that the world needs is to put all learning and teaching in the context of being ‘wholly and fully human’ – using the best we have from all cultures but especially the core spiritual truths of Oneness. “What is it to be wholly and fully human?” was the question that drove the dissertation.

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Chris Packham ends one of the episodes of…

Chris Packham ends one of the episodes of the wonderful BBC series Secrets of Our Living Planet
with this statement, “Science is the art of understanding truth and beauty.”

Is it? The proper and limited concerns of science need to be upheld in contradistinction to the other two voices/modes/states of being – Caring the moral voice and Creativity-Beauty. My argument is here – http://sunwalkmodelofholisticeducation.wordpress.com/about/