The nature of Baha’i respect for Guru Nanak and Sikhism

Guru Nanak ……… was endowed with a “saintly character” and “was inspired to reconcile the religions of Hinduism and Islam, the followers of which religions had been in violent conflict.”

The Bahá’ís thus view Guru Nanak as a ‘saint of the highest order’.

A saint in the words of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá is “one who leads a life of purity, one who has freed himself from all human weaknesses and imperfections.”

He continues, “Saints are men who have freed themselves from the world of matter and who have overcome sin. They live in the world but are not of it, their thoughts being continually in the world of the spirit. Their lives are spent in holiness, and their deeds show forth love, justice and godliness. They are illumined from on high; they are as bright and shining lamps in the dark places of the earth. These are the saints of God.”

I wonder how enlightened Sikhs view the Baha’i Faith?