The Kingdom of Names I think is more…

The Kingdom of Names I think is more than the Names and Attributes of God. It is everything that we name. God is beyond any naming, any naming in relation to God falls short i.e is infinitely less than that to which we refer.

Zen masters will rarely use the name God – they ‘point’ – which is all we can do when we refer to that which is beyond The Kingdom of Names.

The realm of the Names and Attributes of God itself seems to me to be a) beyond all human ken but b) is also the Holy Spirit which the force behind every thing – every plant, and minerals animal and person.

The great Abraham Josuha Heschel said;

“Concepts are delicious snacks with which we try to alleviate our amazement.”

Concepts are (part of ) the Kingdom of names.

Amazement is wordless, concept-less, unitive connection within the Divine Whole – also known as Wonder-ment, or mystical union.