Mind, soul and Heart

Ego, “I,” Intellect, Personality

Constructed, Fearful, Compulsive Compassionate, Expansive, Free

Heart, Emotion, Subtle Perceptions

The above is taken from Kabir Helminski’s book Living Presence, p. 12. Helminiski defines the “heart” (in the understanding of his Sufis tradition) as “the subconscious/ superconscious mind; all the subtle faculties that are nonintellectual.” p. 178. He defines the “soul” as “individualized Spirit.”

see here http://facstaff.elon.edu/sullivan/sufi-7-compared.htm


Not reliant on the written word A special…

Not reliant on the written word,

A special transmission separate from the scriptures;

Direct pointing at one’s mind,

Seeing one’s nature, becoming a Buddha.

— Bodhidharma (?-526 A.D.)

Does the heart reflect the mind or the…

Does the heart reflect the mind or the mind the heart? In the first place, it should be known that the mind is the surface of the heart, and the heart is the depth of the mind. Therefore, mind and heart are one and the same thing. If you call it a mirror then the mind is the surface of the mirror and the heart its depth. In the same mirror, all is reflected. ‘Mirror’ is a very good word, because it applies to both the mind and the heart. If the reflection comes from the surface of the heart, it touches the surface. If it comes from the depth of the heart, it reaches the depth. Just like the voice of the insincere person: it comes from the surface and it reaches the ears. The voice of the sincere person comes from the depth and goes to the depth. What comes from the depth enters the depth, and what comes from the surface, remains on the surface.


Person/personhood: This book presents a …

This book presents a theory of the person, with a look at some of its practical implications for learning. The ‘other key’ referred to in the sub-title of this book is feeling, which I distinguish carefully from emotion, and define as resonance with being, the capacity by which we participate in and are compresent with our world. Feeling, so defined, I regard as the grounding level of personhood: within it all other phsychological modes are latent and out of it they proceed. The book explores this model and the sort of world-view it generates………. p2

By ‘the psyche I mean the human mind and its inherent life as a whole, including its unexpressed and unexplored potential, as well as what is manifest conscious development. By the ‘person’ I mean the psyche (mind) in manifestation as an aware developing being in whom all its modes are brought intentionally into play.
Heron, John (1992), Feeling and Personhood – Psychology in Another Key, London: Sage Publications p15