Autumn 1978 (Volume 5, Number 1) Table…

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Jo of Critical Inquiry – Autumn 1978
(Volume 5, Number 1)

Table of Contents


Ted Cohen: “Metaphor and the Cuiltivation of Intimacy”
Paul de Man: “The Epistemology of Metaphor”
Donald Davidson: “What Metaphors Mean”
Wayne C. Booth: “Metaphor as Rhetoric: The Problem of Evaluation”
Karsten Harries: “Metaphor and Transcendence”
David Tracy: “Metaphor and Religion: The Test Case of Christian Texts”
Richard Shiff: “Art and Life: A Metaphoric Relationship”
Howard Gardner and Ellen Winner: “The Development of Metaphoric Competence: Implications for Humanistic Disciplines”
Paul Ricoeur: “The Metaphorical Process as Cognition, Imagination, and Feeling”

I. W.V. Quine: “A Postscript on Metaphor”
II. Don R. Swanson: “Toward a Psychology of Metaphor”
III. Karsten Harries: “The Many Uses of Metaphor”
IV. Wayne C. Booth: “Ten Literal ‘Theses'”

Idea Framing, Metaphors, and Your Brain …

Idea Framing, Metaphors, and Your Brain – George Lakoff