The three powers of the human spirit & sublime approaches to the Nondual.


The light of the soul can be experienced as white light.  Its three primary powers are Caring, Creativity & Criticality.  They are what distinguish us human.

In the traditional sections of learning, these inner powers correspond to the Humanities, the Arts & the Sciences (and other Criticality areas e.g. Critical Studies in Literature)

The three powers correspond to threes forms of knowledge and truth-telling; the skills of the carers, the skills of the Arts creators, the skills of the Scientists & other Critique-ers.

Mis-applying the skills relevant to one of the three powers can lead to major problems -when someone falls down they need picking up, they don’t need a picture of the event or a critical analysis of the main causes of injuries in street falls!

All the above however belong to one of the two realms of which we are citizens.  They belong to the dual world which generates our consciousness.  Our consciousness in turn enables us to surrender to the Nondual in which we have no-self. Our drop of individual disappears as we disappear into the infinite Ocean.

The Infinite Ocean of the Whole is limitless and cannot adequately be described or re-presented by any of or knowledge skills.  However some sublime pointers, often from the Arts &/or SCriptures can get close.   The Mahamrityunjaya Mantra, for me, is one such sublime pointing.