Manley hopkins ‘ dearest freshness deep…

Manley hopkins ‘ dearest freshness deep down things. there lives. ‘

Artaud ‘the consciousness that ‘gives to every act of living its blood red tinge, its hint of cruelty because it is clear that life is always the death of someoneelse.’

kossof on art ‘it is essentially all about living and the joy of being alive’

sickert ‘speed without haste, and stillness without rest’

Jim Elkins ‘Drawing can be something which is eloquent but which we cannot altogether understand. Eloquent because it touches something fundamental. How do we know? we do not know. We simply recognise. Art cannot be used to explain this mysteriousness. What art does is make it easier to notice. art uncovers the Mysterious.
It is the sight of the most sensitive recognition between the hand, the eye and the mind- the body, the mind and the soul.

Bonnard on Bergsons theory of duree (duration) have you come across Henri Bergson? Creative Evolution, Matter and memory? ‘let us plunge perpetually into the present’…