GOD HAS MANY NAMES: From ethnocentricity to God-centricity in religion – John Hick

Like Copernicus, Hick says that maybe all religions don’t revolve around Christianity but maybe all religions revolve around God. He says this Copernican revolution in religion “must involve a shift from the dogma that Christianity is at the center to the thought that it is God who is at the center and that all the religions of mankind, including our own, serve and revolve around him”.


John Hick said Religion consists primarily in experiencing…

John Hick said;

Religion consists primarily in experiencing our life in its relation to the Transcendent and living on the basis of that experience….

…..in terms of Ninian Smart’s six-dimensional analysis – distinguishing the

social and
experiential dimensions of religion

– mysticism is a general name for religious experience together with part at least of the network of religious practices which support it.

Hick, John, (1981) Mystical Experience as Cognition in Understanding Mysticism, ed. Richard Woods, London: The Athlone Press