Eknath Easwaran: “The still mind is the instrument of observation” “Each of you can make your life a perfect work of art.”

“Each of you can make your life a perfect work of art. Just as others write beautiful poetry, you can make your life such a work of art that everyone who sees it will be inspired.” – Eknath Easwaran

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Published on 13 Feb 2016
Easwaran summarizes the insights of the sages of ancient India, and, as he unfolds these glimpses of the supreme reality, he also shows how they can transform our daily life and our world. As the awareness of unity dawns in us through meditation, our consciousness gradually expands to embrace all of life.

In this extract Easwaran speaks of the great mystics’ journeys to reach the state of stillness of mind, where their vision of the world and the universe became clear, whole.

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