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My current focus is inter spirituality as the…

My current focus is inter-spirituality – as the current challenge to interfaith and as ‘the changeless faith’. Earlier in my life the focus was Holistic Education. Of course the interesting question arises, “What does inter-spiritual living and knowing have to contribute to Holistic Education?”

The model developed, SunWALK, is a model of what it is to be human – Caring, Creative and Critical (Critical in the sense of being able to analyse and be reasoning and scientific) these three inner dimensions of the human spirit all being formed dialectically in the social context of Culture. In that context we find three corresponding forms namely Humanities, Arts and Sciences. See here –

Laura Ellen Shulman wrote some very interesting advice to her students – here –

She ends the section by saying;
‘Learning comes from within, deep within. ………………….
A successful learning outcome is the generation of transformative knowledge. Transformative learning is that which creates a change (transformation) in the learner. As you work your way through any course, you should consider how you are growing and changing as a learner and as a person through your involvement in the course. Explore the material being studied not just from an academic standpoint but through the personal meaning you derive from it.’

To such analyses I want to know where and how we involve gnostic knowing (I understand there is an Arabic counterpart ‘irfan’. My model doesn’t present ‘spirituality’ as separate except for the black dot at the centre which represents the well-spring of the life-force that through each of us flows. All dimensions are potentially spiritual – and gateways to the spiritual, in several ways and levels.

I don’t yet know what other faith traditions have to contribute on this topic of ‘inter-spiritual in Holistic Education’- although Abraham Joshua Heschel’s ‘Who is Man’ is a masterpiece, as is Eckhart Tolle’s three books.

I was interested to know that Baha’i teachings include a relevant range of principles and actions including these;

1 the use of workshops

2 meditation – ‘Through meditation doors of deeper knowledge and inspiration may be opened.’

3 ‘Abdu’l-Bahá talks about the value of speech and questioning.

‘Most ideas must be taught through speech, not by book-learning. One child must question the other concerning those things and the other child must give the answer. In this way – they will make great progress. For example, mathematics must also be taught in the form of questions and answers.’ (‘Abdu’l-Bahá, 1918)

These can all be found here –

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Chris Packham ends one of the episodes of…

Chris Packham ends one of the episodes of the wonderful BBC series Secrets of Our Living Planet
with this statement, “Science is the art of understanding truth and beauty.”

Is it? The proper and limited concerns of science need to be upheld in contradistinction to the other two voices/modes/states of being – Caring the moral voice and Creativity-Beauty. My argument is here –

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Course on: 01 Being Human 1) Personal De…

Course on: 01 Being Human 1) Personal Development 2) Human-centred Studies 3) How to Build a Better Model of Education 4) Holistic Education 5) Teacher Education 6) Parenting 7) Teaching 8) Managing

All of our ’short courses/lectures’ are units within the overall course. The 30 units, starting with an Overview lecture, are;
01 Overview Lecture (In SW see also summary versions of model)
1 CHANGE: What’s Wrong With Education as It Is?
2 HUMAN-NESS: The Human Spirit and the Spirit of Being Human
3 CARING: The Spirit Of Caring In (Holistic) Education
4 CREATIVITY: The Spirit Of Creativity In (Holistic)
5 CRITICALITY: The Spirit Of Criticality In (Holistic) Education
6 COMMUNITY: Community, Culture and Content in (Holistic) Education
7 MORAL EDUCATION: Moral Education – A (Holistic) Perspective
8 DIALOGUE: Dialogue and Dialogic Processes in (Holistic) Education
9 CONSCIOUSNESS: Evolving Consciousness of Greater Contexts & others ways of framing ‘holization’ + awe and wonder’
10 LOVE: Love As The Mother Of Knowing in (Holistic) Education
11 INSPIRATION: The Spiritual as Sources of Inspiration in Being and Becoming Human
12 CONTENT: The Arts, Sciences , Humanities and Philosophy in (Holistic) Education
13 IDENTIFICATION: Empathy, Compassion, in Education of the Human Spirit
14 TEXTS and CONTEXTS: Texts and Contexts – the core dynamic in (Holistic) Education
15 MEANING: Meaning, Metaphor and Truth in (Holistic) Education
16 KNOWLEDGE: Knowing, Knowledge and the Unknowable in (Holistic) Education
17 PEDAGOGY: Spiritualizing Pedagogy in (Holistic) Education
18 WISDOM: Wisdom as an essential quality in (Holistic) Education
19 LEARNING and TEACHING: The Spirit Of Learning And Teaching In (Holistic) Education
20 VALUES & VIRTUES: Values & Virtues as well as awe and wonder;
21 CURRICULUM: Developing abilities in a Dynamic Curriculum in (Holistic) Education
22 STAKEHOLDER RELATIONSHIPS: Authority, Empowerment & Consultation – Balancing the interests of all Stakeholders in (Holistic) Ed
23 DEEPER SEARCHING: A deeper look at ‘What is Holistic Education’ – starting with Parker Palmer, Abraham J Heschel & Ken Wilber
24 WILL: Will, and Motivation in (Holistic) Ed
25 BODY MATTERS: The physical dimension in Holistic Education – inc the New Circus as metaphor for teamwork & embodiment in H Ed
26 STORY: Story in Holistic Education – including Maths and Science
27 MODELS & METHODS: Model-making and Methodologies
28 ACTION: Action, Activism and Behaviours – The WALK in SunWALK
29 BELIEFS: Beliefs and World-views
30 LEADERSHIP: Leadership and management

01 Overview

1 Transforming what’s wrong
2 Human-ness
3 Caring
4 Creativity
5 Criticality
6 Community
7 Moral Education
8 Dialogue
9 Consciousness
10 Love
11 Inspiration
12 Content
13 Identification
14 Texts and Contexts
15 Meaning
16 Knowledge
17 Pedagogy
18 Wisdom
19 Learning and Teaching
20 Values and Virtues
21 Curriculum Values and Virtues
22 Stake-holder relationships
23 Deeper Searching
24 Will & Motivation
25 BodyMatters
26 Story and Storying
27 Models and Methods
28 Action
29 Beliefs and Worldview
30 Leadership