Love is the motivation behind every yearning In…

Love is the motivation behind every yearning…. In all of life, Love is seeking to discover itself. We come into this world, and we experience a profound forgetfulness; we are asleep. Everything that happens from then on is the process of waking up to the fact that Love brought us here, that we are loved by a Beneficent Unseen Reality, and that the core of our being is Love. The whole purpose and meaning of creation is to discover the secret of Love. – from THE KNOWING HEART by Kabir Helminski

The knowing heart is receptive to the intelligence of Being and is guided by Being. When the heart is awakened and purified, it establishes a connection to Spirit; our finest and noblest capacities are unlocked, our sacred humanness is revealed. What it comes down to, the distillation of all wisdoms, is this: we can rejoin our isolated wills with Love’s Will through the knowing of the heart. – from THE KNOWING HEART by Kabir Helminski

Hope allows the energy of divine love to drive deep into the human condition—the theological condition usually referred to as “grace.” And at the same time, it allows the yearning, outstretched hands of creation to pierce the heart of God and call forth what can only be expressed in the dimension of the sensible. It is the root oneness and interconnectedness of all things in what Kabir Helminski calls “the electro-magnetic field of love.” And because this field does empirically exist, all those who have deeply loved—”to the root”—will be able to make their way to one another in and through it. – from LOVE IS STRONGER THAN DEATH by Cynthia Bourgeault

God will no doubt inspire whosoever detacheth himself…

God will, no doubt, inspire whosoever detacheth himself from all else but Him, and will cause the pure waters of wisdom and utterance to gush out and flow copiously from his heart.

~ Bahá’u’lláh

When a true seeker determineth to take the…

When a true seeker determineth to take the step of search in the path leading unto the knowledge of the Ancient of Days, he must, before all else, cleanse his heart, which is the seat of the revelation of the inner mysteries of God,……………..
Gleanings USA CXXV, pp. 264-70.



Rest assured that the breathings of the Holy Spirit will loosen thy
tongue. Speak, therefore; speak out with great courage at every meeting.
When thou art about to begin thine address, turn first to Bahá’u’lláh, and
ask for the confirmations of the Holy Spirit, then open thy lips and say
whatever is suggested to thy heart; this, however, with the utmost
courage, dignity and conviction.

Mind, soul and Heart

Ego, “I,” Intellect, Personality

Constructed, Fearful, Compulsive Compassionate, Expansive, Free

Heart, Emotion, Subtle Perceptions

The above is taken from Kabir Helminski’s book Living Presence, p. 12. Helminiski defines the “heart” (in the understanding of his Sufis tradition) as “the subconscious/ superconscious mind; all the subtle faculties that are nonintellectual.” p. 178. He defines the “soul” as “individualized Spirit.”

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