Person/personhood: This book presents a …

This book presents a theory of the person, with a look at some of its practical implications for learning. The ‘other key’ referred to in the sub-title of this book is feeling, which I distinguish carefully from emotion, and define as resonance with being, the capacity by which we participate in and are compresent with our world. Feeling, so defined, I regard as the grounding level of personhood: within it all other phsychological modes are latent and out of it they proceed. The book explores this model and the sort of world-view it generates………. p2

By ‘the psyche I mean the human mind and its inherent life as a whole, including its unexpressed and unexplored potential, as well as what is manifest conscious development. By the ‘person’ I mean the psyche (mind) in manifestation as an aware developing being in whom all its modes are brought intentionally into play.
Heron, John (1992), Feeling and Personhood – Psychology in Another Key, London: Sage Publications p15