One of Heschel’s major theological ideas Depth Theology…

One of Heschel’s major theological ideas:

Depth Theology

A focus on the underpinnings of faith: a sense of awe and radical amazement which must occur before any creed or dogma come into play…….

From an essay he wrote on Depth Theology in The Insecurity of Freedom:

“What happens within a person to bring about faith?… this is the concern of a special type of inquiry which may be called “depth theology,” … its purpose being to explore the depth of faith, the substratum out of which belief arises. It deals with acts which precede articulation and defy definition.

… Theology declares: depth theology evokes …

… Theology is in the books; depth theology is in the hearts … Theologies divide us; depth theology unites us.

… Depth theology warns us against intellectual self-righteousness, against self-certainty and smugness … Theology…is always in danger of taking itself too seriously.”