Science and Nonduality: The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you – By Steven Parton

The Science of Happiness: Why complaining is literally killing you

By Steven Parton, From

Sometimes in life, all the experience and knowledge simmering around in that ol’ consciousness of ours combines itself in a way that suddenly causes the cerebral clockwork to click into place, and in this fluid flow of thought we find an epiphany rising to the surface……….

……..I found myself resolute with rational reasons for optimism and for removing from my life the people who liked to complain.



One of the Baha’i Hidden Words says;

In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love, and from the nightingale of affection and desire loosen not thy hold. Treasure the companionship of the righteous and eschew all fellowship with the ungodly.

and in another Hidden Word we have;

O SON OF DUST! Beware! Walk not with the ungodly and seek not fellowship with him, for such companionship turneth the radiance of the heart into infernal fire. PHW 57

RP Perhaps ‘ungodly’ includes avoiding the toxic nature of continuous negativity. If so shielding ourselves and our children from too much negativity via the media must also be a good idea!

Oops I recognize this one The Ego’s Need…

Oops I recognize this one

The Ego’s Need to be Right

Complaining and reactivity are favorite mind patterns through which the ego strengthens itself. For many people, a large part of their mental- emotional activity consists of complaining and reacting against this or that. By doing this, you make others or a situation “wrong” and yourself “right.”

Through being “right,” you feel superior, and through feeling superior, you strengthen your sense of self. In reality, of course, you are only strengthening the illusion of ego.

Not infrequently, tribes, nations, and religions derive a strengthened sense of collective identity from having enemies. Who would the “believer” be without the “unbeliever”?

In your dealings with people, can you detect subtle feelings of either superiority or inferiority toward them? You are looking at the ego, which lives through comparison. Can you observe those patterns within yourself and recognize the complaining voice in your head for what it is?

~ From: Stillness Speaks, by Eckhart Tolle.

“If I have time to complain about it…

“If I have time to complain about it, I have time to do something about it.”


Dear God the Quakers have some challenging sayings!