‘Every one of us is a mystic’ – Brother Wayne Teasdale

“Every one of us is a mystic. We may or may not realize it, we may not even like it. But whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, mystical experience is always there, inviting us on a journey of ultimate discovery. We have been given the gift of life in this perplexing world to become who we ultimately are: creatures of boundless love, caring, compassion, and wisdom. Existence is a summons to the eternal journey of the sage – the sage we all are, if only we could see.”

Brother Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart


Conquering the heart

If thou canst walk on water
Thou art no better than a straw.
If thou canst fly in the air
Thou art no better than a fly.
Conquer thy heart
That thou mayest become somebody.


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Eknath Easwaran was a dedicated to inter-spirituality long before Brother Wayne Teasdale invented the term