Ken Wilber’s integral essay ‘A Revolutionary Spirituality’

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I teach because it is the best way to learn – together the two are the in-breath & the out-breath of transformation.  I turn to many great teachers  for inspiration and healing, among them a giant of our time Ken Wilber.

Ken Wilber has written several pieces on spirituality as existing in two dimensions. The most recent is;


The essay ends with;

So, the conclusion is clear: what we want from our overall development is to reach—to grow and develop to—both the highest state of Waking Up (which, at this time, is that of pure “ultimate Unity consciousness”—

the One of Plotinus, 

the 7th castle of St. Teresa, 

the 10th of the Zen Ox Herding pictures, 

the Great Perfection of Dzogchen, 

the cloud of unknowing of St. Dionysius, 

turiyatita of Vedanta, 

Ein Sof of Jewish Kabbalah, 

the Supreme Identity of the Sufi, 

and—what none of those traditions yet understand—we also want that nonverbal, nonconceptual, trans-rational state of Waking-Up Awareness to be 

interpreted by the highest level of Growing-Up consciousness that has evolved so far ………..

…… or the other alone will not do at all, and, in fact, will perpetuate a fragmented, torn, and broken view of reality—exactly the cause of our major problems, not their cure.


His essay is Wonderful – but is his argument unnecessarily complicated and esoteric?


The stages in each case, each Tradition, are the way-points on our journey through the dual world toward realization of the nondual, after which we live in the dual world without the awareness of the nondual ever leaving us.

I will follow up the various traditions Wilber mentions .  Christianity is there twice but no mention of Baha’i – take a look at the seventh of Baha’u’llah’s Seven Valleys or the fourth of His Four Valleys

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Wilber introduces the post – a video and a transcript, thus;

“We now have compelling evidence, from around the world, that human beings have at least two very different types of spiritual engagement, two very different types of spirituality, if you will — and astonishingly, in all of history, these two types have never been brought together to produce a genuinely unified, comprehensive, whole, and authentic spirituality.  (And please note: these types of engagement actually apply across the board to all areas of your own life — your own being and awareness, whether in business, healthcare, relationships, parenting, work, and so on — so even if you’re not particularly spiritual or religious, please stay tuned, because I think you’ll find these absolutely fascinating.) 

But as they apply to spirituality, these two major types of engagement are, one, something that might be called spiritual intelligence, which is how we think about and picture or conceive Spirit or an ultimate Reality.  And the other might be called direct spiritual experience, or how we directly and immediately experience ultimate Reality.  Thus, we can think about it, or we can directly experience it.  Talk it, or walk it.  And my point is that both of these engagements actually turn out to be equally important, both of them bring something absolutely crucial to the table of what we call religion or spirituality — and in ways that are almost never realized.”

-Ken Wilber


TRANSCRIPT: The transcript (pdf) is here: Transcript of Ken Wilber’s ‘A Revolutionary Spirituality’

VIDEO: The video is HERE