Rupert Spira on Awareness

The Daily Quote from Rupert Spira, 24th July 2016
“We are the open, empty, allowing presence of Awareness, in which the objects of the body, mind and world appear and disappear, with which they are known and, ultimately, out of which they are made. Just notice that and be that, knowingly.”

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Our Spirit, our breath: 21 pointings on the journey to realizing our true Self

Our Spirit, our breath: 21 pointings on the journey to realizing our true Self

NB Enjoy 3 breaths * after each line is read.

1 In most languages spirit means breath. With each breath we murmur Yah – wehhhhhh….. Listen to the breath of a sleeping baby.

  • 2 Breath is life. The difference between you, or me, alive or dead is the presence or absence of the life-force, or chi.
  • 3 We don’t have life we are life – in the form of the human spirit. Life flows through us and flowers in our individuation, our being, & our doing.
  • 4 At birth the human spirit is undifferentiated. Almost immediately the process of socialization into modes of being begins.
  • 5 Socialization, in addition to physical expression, enables us to form a self, an identity formed out of selfing & ‘me not-me’ boundaries.
  • 6 Gradually we learn to read the world & our self with greater sophistication via language & subtler modes such as body-language & intuition.
  • 7 At the same time we learn to express our self in three states or modes of being; the Caring the Creative, and the Critical.
  • 8 Although home & local community based the three correspond to the Humanities, the Arts and the Sciences.
  • 9 They are three forms of truth & knowledge acquisition & expressions; moral, subjective, & objective.
  • 10 Over and above the three modes there is the no-self mode, in which we rest as awareness.
  • 11 When we return from resting as awareness we re-enter the dual ‘normal’ realm & engagement via the 3 Cs.
  • 12 The fourth C then is Contemplation but only at the level of unicity – the state of no-self, transcending our self.
  • 13 As we mature in no-self, or no-selfing we bring that resonance to our Caring, Creativity & Criticality.
  • 14 Our participation i the dual world becomes imbued with the Spirit of our true Self awareness.
  • 15 We are citizens of two realms the contingent dual ‘normal’ world and the nondual transcendent world.
  • 16 The three Cs are sub-divisions of the dual realm and the ‘normal’ world.
  • 17 But every separate thing in the dual world is enhanced as we realize our true Self as being awareness.
  • 18 Another view of the singleness dividing is in this explanation of the singleness behind soul, mind & body;
  • ‘Human Reality is the same reality which is given different names, according to the different conditions wherein it becomes manifest. A) Because of its attachment to matter and the phenomenal world, when it governs the physical functions of the body, it is called the human soul. B) When it manifests itself as the thinker, the comprehender, it is called the mind. C.) And when it soars into the atmosphere of God, and travels in the spiritual world, it becomes designated as spirit.’
  • 19 Conscious, circular breathing is the primary portal to enable us to step into, and expand consolidation of our true Self; & rest as awareness
  • 20 We heal & reduce our ‘me-me-itis’, clearing out our inner rubbish of ‘selfing’ you might say, by conscious, circular breathing as we practice unitive meditation – “moment-to-moment presence that excludes nothing & sticks to nothing”. Joan Tollifson in her ‘Bare-Bones Meditation’.
  • 21 God is as available as the breath, the air we breathe. God is breathing us. In our last breath, as in our first, we murmur the name of God – Yah-wehhhhh….. Listen to the breath of a sleeping baby. Yah-wehhhhh….. Yah-wehhhhh…. Yah-wehhhhh…. * * *


EXPLANATION of Yahweh as the ultimate breath-mantra

Yahweh = the ultimate breath-mantra – because it is something we do automatically from birth to death, regardless of our beliefs.

“In Hebrew, all you write are the consonants and what it means to be an educated Jew, is that your eye automatically fills in the appropriate vowels and there are four consonants in the sacred name Yahweh, and he, the rabbi, said, “Did you know that those consonants if correctly pronounced do not allow you to close your lips or use your tongue”.
In fact the reason the name could not be spoken is it could only be breathed, in fact the sacred name Yahweh was an attempt to imitate and replicate the sound of inhalation and exhalation.”
(on the recording Fr Richard Rohr slowly breathes in and out several times with a whispering sound.)

“He did it about 30 times in this crowd of PhDs and I’m not exaggerating. But at the end of it I heard sobbing in the room, that people got it. God is as available as the breath, the air, the wind and the words are the same in many languages.”


Michael Lerner’s eulogy for Muhammad Ali – not to be missed

Published on 10 Jun 2016
Rabbi Michael Lerner, the editor of Tikkun Magazine, is next to speak. The two were indicted alongside one another years ago for their non-violent actions against the Vietnam War. “We stand in solidarity with the Islamic community around the world,” he says in opening.

A standing ovation for Michael Lerner, whose impassioned remarks spanned took aim at everything from drone warfare to income inequality to mass incarceration. One particular subordinate clause – “Tell the next President of the United States that she” – prompts wild applause and makes Bill Clinton chuckle in his seat.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, who supported Muhammad Ali in his opposition to the Vietnam War, drew multiple standing ovations on Friday as he spoke at the legendary boxer’s funeral. “We will not tolerate politicians or anyone else putting down Muslims and blaming Muslims for a few people,” said Lerner, in a thinly-veiled criticism of Republican Donald Trump, who has openly called for a ban on Muslim immigration into the US. “We know what it’s like to be demeaned.

We know what it’s like to have a few people who act against the highest vision of our tradition to then be identified as the value of the entire tradition.” Lerner opened his remarks by saying he attended the service as “a representative of American Jews,” and expressed his solidarity with Islamic communities worldwide.

Later in the service, he issued a sweeping call for social justice, including a call for a universal basic income and an end to mass incarceration. He drew another ovation when he predicted victory for Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election without mentioning her by name.

“Tell the next president of the United States that she should seek a constitutional amendment to make all national and state elections funded by Congress and the state legislatures, and all other sources of money be banned — including money from corporations, from individuals. Make it all public funding,” he said. “Tell her that the way to achieve homeland security is not for us to try new ways of domination.

The strategy of domination of The world of ‘the other’ to get security has been tried for the last 10,000 years and it doesn’t work. The way to get security is for the United States to become Known as the most generous and caring country in the world, not the most powerful.”

Lerner, who founded the progressive magazine Tikkun, was a leader in the Free Speech Movement and was arrested as part of the “Seattle Seven” in 1970 for allegedly inciting a riot. Lerner and Ali met as part of the anti-war movement. Though they did not keep in contact since 1995, Ali’s family invited the rabbi to speak at the memorial.