The Disunited Queendom: You have never read a view of Brexit like the one by Johan Galtung

“Goodbye United Kingdom, UK, we may get United Ireland, UI, instead.
Goodbye Great Britain, GB, we may get Scotland in EU instead.
Welcome to Britain of England-Wales, if they care for that vocabulary.
Welcome to new-born England, 23 June being the Day of Independence.

Independence? Washington, having lost its inside EU ally, will soon remind London of their “special relationship” as unsinkable aircraft carrier also doing the killing job–maybe some wanted that. And yet. England had the whole Global Establishment, if there ever was one, mobilized to pressure them to remain. They did not. There is something very impressive in that, however bad the campaign.”
Norwegian Johan Galtung is 85, Professor of Peace Studies and held by many to be the Father of that discipline.

This piece cuts through the dreadful reality of Brexit in way that I suspect will defy the finest UK commentators – and our finest comedians.


Brex’It, So Be’It; And Then What?