ENLIGHTENMENT a compilation by Joan Tollifson

ENLIGHTENMENT a compilation by Joan Tollifson

1 Realization is nothing to be gained anew….Realization consists of getting rid of the false idea that one is not realized. –Ramana Maharshi

2 That which is before you is it, in all its fullness, utterly complete. There is naught beside. Even if you go through all the stages of a Bodhisattva’s progress toward Buddhahood, one by one; when at last, in a single flash, you attain to full realization, you will only be realizing the Buddha-Nature which has been with you all the time; and by all the foregoing stages you will have added to it nothing at all. –Huang Po

3 Stop thinking of achievement of any kind. You are complete here and now, you need absolutely nothing.
–Nisargadatta Maharaj

4 This is the one and only race you will win by going absolutely nowhere! –Mooji

5 If you need time to achieve something, it must be false. The real is always with you; you need not wait to be what you are. Only you must not allow your mind to go out of yourself in search. -Nisargadatta Maharaj

6 If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where do you expect to find it? –Dogen

7 No matter how much we keep looking for liberation, for enlightenment, we will never find it as long as we are going somewhere to find it, because actually it is here. Life is enlightenment. Life is the sacredness. Life is emptiness and emptiness is life…Manifested is in the unmanifested and unmanifested is in the manifested. This is the great unity. –Anam Thubten

8 Enlightenment is devastatingly simple….Enlightenment is what we are. There is nothing to gain, only its recognition….Awakening to enlightenment is a journey from here to here, not from here to there. There is nowhere to go and nothing to be attained. Enlightenment is simply an awakening to what has always been the case. There is only the seeing through of our own ignorance.–Gary Crowley

9 You are already enlightened, but you can never conceptually know what enlightenment is because when you think of it you create a gap between yourself and enlightenment.–Dainin Katagiri

10 You can only reach something in the dream. And what you can reach, you have to lose again. And the loser you can lose, will pop up again….Nothing has to go, nothing has to come. You are still in that idea that something has to change for you to be what-you-are….Inspite of all the happenings, inspite of all the presence and absence, whatever can be or not be, you are That.–Karl Renz

11 Enlightenment? How lethal it is to attach a label. Then you become somebody. At the moment of labeling, aliveness freezes into a concept. ‘My enlightenment experience!’ To be alive, fully alive, means flowing without hindrance—a vulnerable flow of aliveness with no resistance. Without any sense of passing time. Without needing to think about ‘myself’—what I am, what I will be. Our experience mongering is a form of resistance in time. Our craving for experiences is a resistance to simply being here, now. It’s the hum of the airplane. The fog. The wind blowing gently, the rain dripping, breathing, humming, pulsating, opening, closing, nothing at all…It’s such a relief to realize we don’t have to be anything.–Toni Packer

12 Those who have great realization of delusion are buddhas; those who are greatly deluded about realization are sentient beings.–Dogen

13 The discovery of truth is in the discernment of the false. You can know what is not. What is — you can only be.–Nisargadatta Maharaj

14 Enlightenment is not something you achieve. It is the absence of something.–Charlotte Joko Beck

15 Enlightenment is a demolition project.–Adyashanti

16 There is no such thing as enlightenment. The appreciation of this fact is itself enlightenment. Nisargadatta

17 There is absolutely nothing to attain except the realisation that there is absolutely nothing to attain. – Tony Parsons

18 There is no ‘I’ to get enlightened. That’s illusion. There’s only being here with what’s here without division. –Toni Packer

19 Enlightenment isn’t much more than remembering something long forgotten that’s been with you all along….And while it’s been said that after moments of ecstasy there will still be laundry to do, this is not true about enlightenment. This is because there is no ‘after enlightenment.’ Enlightenment lies beyond any idea of time. Any temporal notions we have about enlightenment come from our dualistic understanding. Like everything else that we can name or describe or conceptualize, [ecstatic moments and blissful states] don’t last…Something else takes place with enlightenment, however, that’s got nothing to do with ecstasy, and from which you don’t emerge. This is because what is finally realized is that there was no ‘you’ to go into enlightenment in the first place…If there’s some particular thing you can name, pick up, single out, or point to, it’s not enlightenment…It’s not true liberation or freedom of mind….Whatever it is, if it’s separated out from the Whole, it will wither and die…We think there is a particular, enduring person here, and then we wonder, ‘Is this person enlightened?’ or ‘Will I ever become enlightened?’ But there is no particular person who becomes enlightened—or who remains deluded. All such questions are off the mark…in each moment, all is fresh and new…–Steve Hagen

20 There is no such thing as an awakened person; that’s a contradiction in terms…So let’s say there is just being and ‘me’-ing…If those so-called enlightened people were honest, they would probably say to you that…there can still be a contraction into ‘me’-ing, but the final liberation is that anything is accepted and everything is accepted; nothing is denied. So both are now seen as one…There is being, but contraction can happen. It happens within the perception of the whole. Anything can happen because this is liberation…Liberation includes the total acceptance of all that is….There’s nowhere to go. There’s no goal. There’s no carrot. There’s no prize. All there is is this. But the difference between there just being what’s happening and the sense that it’s happening to you is immeasurable.–Tony Parsons

21 Awakening doesn’t mean that you awaken. It means that there is only awakening. There is no you who is awake, there is only awakeness. As long as you identify with a ‘you’ who either is or is not awake, you are still dreaming. Awakening is awakening from the dream of a separate you to simply Being Awakeness….The word enlightenment points to who you are. Who you are is not a state that can be gained or lost. It is not a spiritual experience. All states and experiences come and go. Who you are is the permanence existing right now regardless of states and experiences.–Adyashanti

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