Light in the Iron Cage Heschel and Gnostic…

Light in the Iron Cage (Heschel and Gnostic Religion)

In Man is Not Alone (1955) Abraham Joshua Heschel described the moment of revelation as one in which overwhelming light fills up “the iron cage” in which we live. An undergraduate student with whom I’m working this semester suggested that this was Manichean. I think that gnostic might be more precise. Writing in the immediate wake of the Holocaust, Heschel compared the world to a palace on fire. To whom does this burning world belong? To whom do I belong? For Heschel, the answer comes in a blinding flash of mystical knowledge in which the human creature understands itself to be the special object of God’s concern.


zachary braiterman writes about and teaches modern jewish thought and culture in the department of religion at syracuse university.

One needs to understand cycles to understand Tao…

One needs to understand cycles to understand Tao.

Days and nights, summers and winters.
Waves curling up, consumed by new waves.
The ongoing march of generations,
The vapor of water congealing into clouds –
Tao is cyclical, not linear.

The multitude of things are innumerable,
But they travel circularly.
Those who accord with Tao
Understand rise and fall
And gain clarity and insight.
Those who do not accept rise and fall,
Ride recklessly with misfortune.

Thus it is said: the secret of Tao lies in returning.

Deng Ming-Dao, Everyday Dao p81

ONENESS FROM BAHA’I WRITINGS “…all parts of the…


“…all parts of the creational world are of one whole.”, BWF p.364.

“God contains all….The whole is greater than its parts…” PT 23 27

“All that exists is God….” (AB in London p22)

The Books the Scriptures and Holy Writings of…

The Books, the Scriptures and Holy Writings of previous ages have all proclaimed the joyful tidings that the purpose underlying this most mighty Revelation is none other than the rehabilitation of the world and its nations; that perchance the power of utterance may prevail over the power of arms, and the world’s affairs be administered through the potency of love. We ask God, the True One, to invest all with the mantle of trustworthiness, for that is the world’s comeliest garment.

~ Bahá’u’lláh

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