One of Heschel’s major theological ideas Depth Theology…

One of Heschel’s major theological ideas:

Depth Theology

A focus on the underpinnings of faith: a sense of awe and radical amazement which must occur before any creed or dogma come into play…….

From an essay he wrote on Depth Theology in The Insecurity of Freedom:

“What happens within a person to bring about faith?… this is the concern of a special type of inquiry which may be called “depth theology,” … its purpose being to explore the depth of faith, the substratum out of which belief arises. It deals with acts which precede articulation and defy definition.

… Theology declares: depth theology evokes …

… Theology is in the books; depth theology is in the hearts … Theologies divide us; depth theology unites us.

… Depth theology warns us against intellectual self-righteousness, against self-certainty and smugness … Theology…is always in danger of taking itself too seriously.”

If we are awake to the perfection of…

If we are awake to the perfection of the moment we may begin to perceive directly what lies behind it, behind appearances and form.

To be awake to the moment is to be awake to the Qualities that are manifesting through the moment.

Living Presence,
~ Kabir Helminski ~

Come to know the One
in the presence before you,
and everything hidden
from you will be revealed.
For there is nothing concealed,
nothing buried
that will not be raised.

Gospel of Thomas: Wisdom of the Twin,
~ Lynn Bauman translation ~

Mind, soul and Heart

Ego, “I,” Intellect, Personality

Constructed, Fearful, Compulsive Compassionate, Expansive, Free

Heart, Emotion, Subtle Perceptions

The above is taken from Kabir Helminski’s book Living Presence, p. 12. Helminiski defines the “heart” (in the understanding of his Sufis tradition) as “the subconscious/ superconscious mind; all the subtle faculties that are nonintellectual.” p. 178. He defines the “soul” as “individualized Spirit.”

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