Part of this journey of spirituality and spiritual…

Part of this journey of spirituality and spiritual happiness is to train ourselves to look at events more through the uplifting eyes of our clear and powerful spiritual mind, and less through the eyes of those aspects of mind that create turmoil inside ourselves and in the world.

Instead of living mostly in the world of limited appearances, with just a few rare breakthroughs into deeper understanding, we can learn to live in the expanded awareness, viewing the world of appearances from that elevated perception.

This shift into greater awareness is generally a gradual process. It’s not so easy to completely turn off one part of your mind and turn on another, except in the rarest stories of beings who underwent massive spiritual enlightenment breakthroughs all at once.

One helpful technique for moving into the elevated perspective is to cultivate a dual awareness. If some event causes your “lower mind” to freak out and respond in ways that are not conducive to spiritual happiness, you don’t have to be stuck there alone, without your higher wisdom. You don’t have to accept that experience of lower awareness as the reality du jour , simply because you are experiencing it in a particular moment. You don’t have to wallow in turmoil until you’ve attained some sort of ultimate enlightenment and become free from all possible negativities. With dual awareness, you can include the blessed vision of your wise soul in your perception and experience of any events, including troubling ones.

With dual awareness, you can watch the same circumstances from two different angles. One eye may be on the nitty-gritty details of a situation, while the other eye sees the supreme consciousness that creates, guides, and exists as the spirit of everything. For example, you can experience and express your opinions about worldly events without being torn apart by gnawing anger or stifling frustrations.

With dual awareness, we can learn to live in this world, while still seeing beyond the illusions of this world. We are in the world, but not of it . With dual awareness, we can have the best of both worlds – spiritual and material – rather than always feeling unbalanced on one side or the other.

The practice of dual awareness allows us to respond to events in our lives on the level of those events, even while our awareness is not limited to those levels. Each of us has an individual mixture of personal and karmic ingredients, therefore these various levels and combinations of lower awareness and higher awareness will be unique for each person.

SOURCE – (Sharon Janis)


Author: Roger - Dr Roger Prentice

Now I write, teach & coach mainly about interfaith as inter-spirituality - and how we can grow closer to our True Self. . As anyone who knows anything about IPF will realize my energy is curtailed - so I am concentrating primarily on 'inter-spirituality'. . In the past I would have said that: . 1) I run courses and give talks at conferences and in universities and colleges in the UK, China, USA, Canada, Scandinavia etc. . 2) I provide materials, outlines and lessons for Schools. . 3) My range of interests include personal development, learning and teaching, photography and film, the arts generally, spirituality and educational practice and theory. . 4) At the same time I continue developing the human-centred studies SunWALK PDS (People Development System) - a whole-person, high-achievement model for individuals, and for use in, NGOs, schools and other organizations. . 5) The key question that continues to animate me and my work remains, "What is it to be fully and positively human?" . Contact me via onesummit AT gmail DOT com (replace At with@ etc.). . All good wishes Roger (Dr Roger Prentice) . For those interested; My first degree is in English and Education. My masters is in Adult and Community Education. My doctorate presented a new holistic meta-model of education called SunWALK.

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